A timely project 2021

St Marks Presbyterian Church is in the process of recruiting 10 first time students to its newly established Home Education Support Centre. The Centre is located in the useful and lovely suite of buildings attached to the Church building. The intention is to assist any parents who want to home school their child[ren] with a service centre that will be available on a daily basis with the necessary facilities.  This facility is open to all comers irrespective of race or creed. This is an attempt by the Church to be of service to the community in a time when education has become problematic in terms of the covid virus threat and the present difficulties experienced within the traditional educational facilities. The centre is intended to act as a low-cost back-up for parents who may, for whatever reason, need a safe and secure environment where young persons from grade 1 upwards can pursue their studies with supervision as required. The intention is also to stock a library for use by learners to eventually reduce costs to parents.

This centre will also be able to be used as an after-school care facility.

The by-product of this arrangement will be to create a small social group within a nurturing environment. Parents remain in full control of the educational process and its pace. They register the child with the Provincial Education Dept and produce their own assessments and exam results. We anticipate that the costs of such home education will be equivalent to that of an average school and below that of a private school, but that the quality of education will be better and the educational experience enhanced. This initiative will be a service rendered under our PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) umbrella.

The further advantage is that specialized tutoring can be made available on a group basis.

We can advise on curricula that conforms to the SA Schools equivalent that allows for easy re-integration into the school system, should this be desired at a later date.

This initiative is being led by: Rev Dennis van der Spuy BA BD [082 218 8428] Minister Emeritus attached to St Marks.